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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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by leading any evidence. The Mandal REvenue Officer
(MRO), accordingly submitted report to the Joint Collector
stating that the petitioner has not produced any material
before him and accordingly a show-cause notice has
been issued to the petitioner requiring his explanation in
the matter.

7.     Before adverting to the question that may fall for
consideration, it may be appropriate to bear in mind that
the petitioner failed to submit any explanation to the show-
cause notice, but, went on requesting the third respondent
to furnish certain documents. It is also evident from the
record that the third respondent herein rejected the
request of the petitioner for supply of those documents on
the ground that some of the documents required by the
petitioner are not available in the office. However, the
report submitted by the Commissioner of Tribal Welfare
was not made available to the petitioner and the petitioner
was finally required to appear on 27-12-1990 along with
his explanation. The petitioner appeared along with his
Advocate on 28-12-1990 and raised certain preliminary
objections which were dealt with by the third respondent.
8.     Sri P.Gangaiah Naidu, learned Counsel appearing for
the petitioner streneuously contends that the impugned
order suffers from incurable infirmities. It is submitted that
the impugned order is to be declared as void for the
reason that it has been passed in contravention of the
principle of natural justice. Non supply of the documents
required by the petitioner disabled the peitioenr in
submitting his reply. The impugned order has been passed